Hi! My name is Tyrese Evans and I just love teaching people how to enjoy their dog more by making sure their dogs understand them and want to listen. Dog Training is very special to me because not only am I teaching dogs really cool stuff, but I’m also saving a lot of dogs lives by fixing their problems and making it safe for them to live in their homes.

I attended school for professional dog training and behavior science and during that time I did an internship at an established dog training company. Once I graduated I had some time to think about my next step… I chose to open up my own dog training business because I wanted to give every client their desired results along with a great experience, which includes honesty, hard work, patience, and a game plan to achieve their goals.

I also have worked at a doggy daycare and I did volunteer work at the humane society along with various dog rescues.

My favorite part about dog training is getting clients very fast results and seeing all the smiles on their faces because they know that they have a totally different dog than before, and now they can enjoy their well trained dog for many years to come!

I grew up with dogs my entire life and I have always had a passion for training dog’s even as a little kid. I can remember one of the very first dogs that I trained growing up as a kid was given to me by a friend who found the dog on the street with nowhere to go. My friend brought the dog to my house.

That same day I watched tons of training videos and taught her a lot of commands, which were all in German!

That experience sparked it all and the rest was history.

I have two dogs of my own who are both males and their names are Beau and Arrow.

Training should be fun and not stressful so for training done right, just reach out so that we can have A Howling Good Time Together!