She learned to walk calmly on the leash…

Bella the Yorkshire terrier came to us from Middleton Wisconsin in need of serious help, in fact if she didn’t receive help she faced being euthanized. Bella had a serious biting issue and has bit multiple family members breaking skin and drawing blood. Her owner in the video has been bitten the most all over her body. One bite incident where Bella bit her owner lead to an infection sending her owner to the hospital.

Middleton Wisconsin Dog Training

Bella also had issues of Guarding the couch when she was on it which led to a lot of the bite incidents. Bella also pulled on the leash pretty tough while walking which was stressful for the owner. Bella would bark, growl and lunge at other dog’s while out walking. Bella came to A Howling Good Time Dog Training for a three week board and train program which was 21 days in total.

During her board and train program she learned to walk calmly on the leash plus she learned to ignore dogs while out walking. She also learned how to properly socialize with other dogs. Bella learned that she had no reason to guard anything in the house but most of all she learned how to be led through structure, rules and boundaries.

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